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What is Power Flushing?

If you live in London and have never heard of the term 'power flushing' or 'jet flushing', we have outlined a brief explanation below.

Over time, many central heating systems in the London area have become less efficient due to the build up of 'sludge' caused by internal erosion. Power flushing, using modern purpose built equipment is the term used to explain the process which cleanses and improves the efficiency of central heating systems. This modern and very effective process works by pumping water at high pressure throughout the entire central heating system. The water is circulated over and over again to totally clean the system from the inside. It can usually be done in less than a day.

This modern cleansing process loosens deposits accumulating in the system formed by internal corrosion of the radiators and pipes. Once they are loosened, they are then placed in 'suspension in the fast flowing water and flushed out of the system. To make the process more effective, specially formulated chemicals are mixed with the water, which helps to loosen any deposits much faster. In addition, the power flushing machine has a 'reverse flow' option to create turbulence in the radiators, to ensure the removal of any really thick sludge that may otherwise be difficult to eradicate.

There is no need for any major upheaval as once the power flush has been done, the central heating system should be OK to turn on around 20-25 minutes afterwards.

As well as making older central heating systems more efficient, power flushing is often used to clean out new central heating systems. The power flush will get rid of any flux, swarf, grease and oil that are utilised to stop internal rusting of before the system is used.

Power Flush London use the Jetflush Sentinel 4, which is one of the most powerful jet flushing machines on the market today. This means we can carry out a comprehensive power flush in one day.

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