Power Flushing West Ham - LONDON imagePower Flushing West Ham - LONDON image

Power Flushing West Ham - LONDON

Customer Testamonials

“Thanks to Power Flush London we have a fully efficient boiler again, that will certainly help lower our energy bills” – Mike Wells, West Ham, London

“We got the power flushing done when we moved into our new place – just as effective as getting a new system, at a fraction of the price!” – Nick Jones, Stratford, London

 “Thank you Power Flush London – great job” – Mr Allen, Leytonstone, London

“I wish we had done the power flushing sooner. The results are amazing” – Jill Harper, Upton, London

“Power Flush London did a great job with the power flushing, we would recommend” – Mr Tompkins, Barking, London

 “The radiators all heat up evenly now after the power flush” – Gary Webber, Bow, London

“The heaters were all clogged up so we couldn’t get any heat out of them. Thanks to Power Flush London this is all sorted now. We would recommend power flushing to anyone having problems with their central heating system” – Fred Wallace, East Ham, London