Power Flushing Vauxhall - LONDON imagePower Flushing Vauxhall - LONDON image

Power Flushing Vauxhall - LONDON

Customer Testamonials 

“We got the power flushing done just in time apparently! There was so much filth inside the radiators I am amazed they worked at all. “ – Alan Bannister, Vauxhall, London

“We always use Power Flush London to power flush our central heating installations. It gives our clients the best possible protection for their new central heating system.” – Carrie Mann, Lambeth, London

“Great job – well done Power Flush London” – Karen, Walworth, London

“Power flushing our central heating system solved all the problems we were having. Thank you Power Flush London” – Mrs Allstock, Nine Elms, London

“Our insurance company recommended that we get our new central heating system power flushed to give it the best protection from corrosion. Power Flush London did this for us and we can relax knowing we have done all we can to look after such an expensive part of our home” – Robert Flack, Battersea, London

“Thanks Power Flush London – fantastic job. Happily recommending to others” – Gary Wall, Stockwell, London

“Would recommend, Power Flush London did a great job power flushing our heating system” – Tom Brent, Camberwell, London

“Great job Power Flush London – fixed our heating in a single afternoon” Judy S, Peckham, London