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Power Flushing Soho - LONDON

Customer Testamonials 

“Brilliant. I really thought we needed a new central heating system in our new home, but we got a power flush on Power Flush London’s recommendation, and everything now runs smoothly!” – Trevor Tucker, Soho, London

“Highly recommended. Power Flush London did a great job flushing our radiators” – Beverley Roberts, Clerkenwell, London

“No more noises, fast heat up times and evenly heating radiators. Definitely recommend Power Flush London for sorting out the central heating” – Karen Bradley, Mayfair, London

“Thank you so much Power Flush London for fixing our central heating problems” – Alison Smith, Stepney, London

“Great job by Power Flush London. Happy to recommend their power flushing services!” – Rebecca Withers, Highbury, London

“Thank you Power Flush London for repairing our ancient central heating system” – Katherine Leonard, Leyton, London

“Apparently the problems we were having with our heating were down to blockages in the pipes and radiators. Power flushing the system took care of that and now everything is running fine” – Neil Christie, Paddington, London