Power Flushing Seven Sisters -  LONDON imagePower Flushing Seven Sisters -  LONDON image

Power Flushing Seven Sisters - LONDON

Customer Testamonials 

“Fab job – thank you Power Flush London” – Jan York, Seven Sisters, London


“Amazing. We thought we needed to replace the aging heating system in our new home, but power flushing sorted it right out. Thank you Power Flush London” – Mark Howell, Tottenham, London

“Thank you Power Flush London for fixing our heating. Happy to recommend” – Mr & Mrs Greenlow, Tottenham, London

“The boiler has been given a new lease of life since the power flush” – Alan Black, Harringay , London

“The Power Flush London guys were polite and friendly, and got the job done in a day!” – Jenny Harper, Wood Green, London

“We got Power Flush London to flush our office block’s central heating system as only a few radiators on each floor were heating up evenly. This is going to reduce our overheads as well as keep our staff warm” – Mr Ashford, Crouch End, London

“Power Flush London flushed our central heating system this week and they results were fantastic. The house takes no time at all to heat up now” – Maureen Bailey, Stamford Hill, London

“We had a banging boiler, leaky pipes and some radiators were only heating along the bottom. These issues disappeared after we had the power flush – highly recommended service form Power Flush London” – Wayne Williams, Walthamstow, London