Power Flushing Ruislip -  LONDON imagePower Flushing Ruislip -  LONDON image

Power Flushing Ruislip - LONDON

Customer Testamonials

“Having the power flushing treatment will make a difference to our fuel bills – now that the boiler and pump can work efficiently” – Gill Hart, Ruislip, London

“Thank you Power Flush London, great to have the heating back on!” – Alison Jarvis, Eastcote, London

 “Power flushing the central heating system has certainly improved the way it runs! Much quieter, and faster heat up times” – Paul Davies, Northwood, London

 “Thank you Power Flush London. Great customer service, worked around my busy schedule” – Sam Grimwood, Pinner, London

“I was surprised by how quietly the heating ran after we got it power flushed! That and lower fuel bills...win!” – Jackie Robertson, Harrow, London

 “Thank you Power Flush London for repairing our central heating, much MUCH cheaper than replacing the whole thing” – Zach, Roxeth, London


“We are happy to recommend Power Flush London to anyone having problems with their central heating” – Mike Carver, Denham, London