Power Flushing Redbridge - LONDON imagePower Flushing Redbridge - LONDON image

Power Flushing Redbridge - LONDON

Customer Testamonials

“Seeing all the dirt coming out of the pipes and radiators was an education! Good job Power Flush London” – Mr Morrison, Redbridge, London

“Great job, Power Flush London! The radiators are all heating up evenly now, and the boiler is much quieter.” – Molly Foster, Ilford, London

 “No  more noisy boiler. Worth every penny.” – Rob, Loxford, London

“We recommend Power Flush London for power flushing!” – Mrs Phillips, Cranbrook, London

“Thank you to the Power Flush London guys for fixing the heating!” – Larry M, Wanstead, London

“Power Flush London did the job in less than a day and the results are fantastic. Probably saved our aging boiler’s life” – K. Lawson, Barkingside, London

 “We are happy to recommend Power Flush London for any central heating work! We had our radiators power flushed as they were clogged up with dirt. It takes much less time to heat up our house now” – Melanie Martin, Collier Row, London

“Great stuff, highly recommended” – Mr Kyle, Upton, London