Power Flushing Peckham -  LONDON imagePower Flushing Peckham -  LONDON image

Power Flushing Peckham - LONDON

Customer Testamonials 

“Happy to recommend - Power Flush London did a great job sorting out our central heating” – Y. Day, Peckham, London

“Thank you Power Flush London for solving our central heating system with a power flushing treatment” – A. Ladbrook, New Cross, London

“Power Flushing our heating system has really done the trick. No more boiler cut outs and all the radiators now heat up properly” – Mr Tinsbury, Brockley, London

“Great Job – thank you” – Wendy, Walworth, London

 “We will definitely recommend Power Flush London to our friends and family. Very professional” – Sally Warner, Herne Hill, London

“Thank you Power Flush London – great service, highly recommended” – Mrs Sanford, Brixton, London

 “Highly recommended – thank you Power Flush London” – Mr Harper, Charlton, London