Power Flushing Mitcham -  LONDON imagePower Flushing Mitcham -  LONDON image

Power Flushing Mitcham - LONDON

Customer Testamonials 

“Thank you Power Flush London, central heating efficiency restored.” – Mrs Wells, Mitcham, London

“Power Flushing the central heating system has probably saved the life of the boiler. We recommend Power Flush London” – Mr Thomas, Merton, London

 “Thank you Power Flush London – great Job” – Mrs Davies, Wimbledon, London

“Thanks to Power Flush London we now have an efficiently running central heating system.” – Simone Healey, Sutton, London

 “Thanks to Power Flush London we now have evenly heating radiators, which means we won’t need the heating on full whack to get any heat out of them!” – Tony Hansley, Rose Hill, London

“Happy to recommend Power Flush London – great value for money service. Our central heating system runs like new after the flushing treatment” – Ruby Turner, Hackbridge, London

 “Fantastic job – less disruptive than I thought. So happy to have hot water and heat again!” – Sally Green, Croydoneld, London

 “We have heat and hot water again. Get your central heating system power flushed – it makes such a difference” – M. Adshead, Wallington, London