Power Flushing Lewisham -  LONDON imagePower Flushing Lewisham -  LONDON image

Power Flushing Lewisham - LONDON

Customer Testamonials 

“Thank you to Darren from Power Flush London, our central heating system now works properly and the boiler has not cut out since” – Mr Allen, Lewisham, London

 “Thanks to Power Flush London our central heating system runs efficiently. All the blockages have been cleared and all the radiators heat up evenly now” – Mrs Walliams, Ladywell, London

“Thanks to Power Flush London, our aging central heating system has a new lease of life. I can see now why it was not working properly – the grime that was flushed out was horrifying” – Rob Granley, Greenwich, London

“Immediate results! Flushing all the grime from the central heating system has made such a difference already” – Mrs Clarkson, Debtford, London

“Seeing all that filth coming from our radiators made it clear why the boiler was about to pack in! We recommend power flushing your central heating system, definitely” – Mr Young, Brockley, London

“Getting the central heating power flushed has made it run like new!” – Frank, Kidbrooke, London

“Thanks to Power Flush London we have heat and hot water. “ – Mrs Smitherson, Nunhead, London