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Power Flushing Ilford - LONDON

If your central heating system is behaving strangely, or if it has broken down completely, Power Flush London  can help you. Our dedicated teams of heating engineers have worked throughout Ilford, Barking and Redbridge for many years, restoring heat and hot water to many domestic and commercial properties. We specialise in Power Flushing, the guaranteed modern method of clearing and cleansing your heating system.

Problems such as

·          Unevenly heating radiators

·          Black dirty water when you bleed the radiators

·          Intermittent heat and hot water

·          Noisy boiler, caused by lime scale build up

·          Unexplained boiler cut outs

·          Rising fuel bill costs

all indicate that your central heating system is failing. Over time lime scale, rust and debris build up and accumulate to form a thick black sludge which coats every internal component of your system. This seriously reduces the circulation of hot water and heat around your property, and the blockages that inevitably occur can prove fatal for the system. If the sludge is left too long, your central heating will become irreparable and will need replacing. Preventing this is simple. Commercial Power Flushing is the guaranteed method of clearing this sludge from pipes, radiators and boilers, restoring efficiency and adding years to the lifespan of your system.

Power Flushing your system is simple, can be done in a single day in most cases, and will significantly improve its efficiency. Our highly experienced and friendly heating engineers will connect the power flushing machine to a single radiator. Clean water containing powerful cleansing chemicals and rust inhibitors are forced around the whole heating circuit, loosening the sludge and clearing blockages. The water containing the loose dirt and debris is then passed through our top of the range MagnaClean filters which safely and cleanly removes all unwanted deposits.

The benefits of power flushing radiators and boilers can be experienced straight away, and include

Savings of up to 25% on fuel bills, as the system can now run efficiently

Less noise and faster heat up times

Improved circulation of heat and hot water round your property

Extended life spans for your boiler, pipes and radiators that have anti-corrosion protection

A full guarantee for our work for your peace of mind

Power Flush London also recommend power flushing brand new central heating installations, as having the installation debris removed and having anti-corrosion protection will mean it will be many years before the system will need any work.

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We work throughout the Wanstead, Upton Park and Loxford  area, so as soon as you notice any problems with your central heating system, call us – we will be able to help.