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Power Flushing Finchley - LONDON

If your central heating system is behaving strangely, you need the services of Power Flush London. We are a team of highly qualified heating engineers who have been working throughout the Finchley, Mill Hill and Hendon area repairing and restoring efficiency to central heating systems. We specialise in Power Flushing, an essential part of looking after your central heating system.

If you are experiencing any or all of the following problems with your central heating system

Strange boiler noises

Unevenly heating radiators

Black, dirty water when you bleed radiators

Intermittent heat and hot water

Unexplained boiler cut outs

then it is time to take action to prevent a serious breakdown. These problems indicate that black iron oxide sludge has built up inside the system, reducing circulation and forming blockages. This sludge builds up from the rust, lime scale and debris that occur through day to day usage, and the only way to clear it from the system is to get a commercial power flush.

Benefits of a power flush can be noticed from the day of treatment, and include

·          Savings of up to 25% on fuel bills, as the system can now run efficiently

·          Less noise and faster heat up times

·          Improved circulation of heat and hot water round your property

·          Extended life spans for your boiler, pipes and radiators that have anti-corrosion protection

·          A full guarantee for our work for your peace of mind

The power flushing treatment is a simple process that will, in most instances, be completed in a single day. Our machine is connected to a single point, usually a radiator. Powerful cleansing chemicals and rust inhibitors are forced throughout the entire system, loosening the build-ups and clearing the blockages. Top of the range MagnaClean filters then remove all unwanted deposits from the system, leaving behind clean pipes, radiators and boiler that have protection against future corrosion.

Tel: 0800 849 1308 or 07726 279849

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We have teams working throughout the Alexandra Palace, Cricklewood and Highgate areas, so if you are experiencing trouble with your central heating system, call us, we can help.