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Power Flushing Enfield - LONDON

Power Flush London work throughout the Enfield, Botany Bay and Tottenham areas repairing and restoring efficiency to ailing central heating systems. We specialise in Power Flushing, an essential part of looking after your central heating system. Our engineers are all highly qualified, fully insured and registered.

Like most things, central heating systems need maintenance. Over time and every day usage, lime scale, rust and debris form and builds up throughout the system. This accumulates into a thick black sludge which clogs and blocks the internal components of radiators, pumps and the boiler. If this is left indefinitely then irreparable damage will occur, resulting in costly repairs or even the need to total system replacement. The only guaranteed method of removing the sludge from the system is a commercial power flush.

Your system will tell you when it needs servicing. You will begin to notice problems such as

Strange boiler noises

Intermittent heat and hot water

Unexplained boiler cut outs

Unevenly heating radiators

Black, dirty water when you bleed radiators

Getting these issues sorted out early will save the terminal break down of your central heating system.

Power Flushing your system is simple, can be done in a single day in most cases, and will significantly improve its efficiency. Our highly experienced and friendly heating engineers will connect the power flushing machine to a single radiator. Clean water containing powerful cleansing chemicals and rust inhibitors are forced around the whole heating circuit, loosening the sludge and clearing blockages. The water containing the loose dirt and debris is then passed through our top of the range MagnaClean filters which safely and cleanly removes all unwanted deposits. The benefits of power flushing are many, and can be experienced from the day of treatment. The benefits include

·          Savings of up to 25% on fuel bills, as the system can now run efficiently

·          Less noise and faster heat up times

·          Improved circulation of heat and hot water round your property

·          Extended life spans for your boiler, pipes and radiators that have anti-corrosion protection

·          A full guarantee for our work for your peace of mind

Tel: 0800 849 1308 or 07726 279849

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We work throughout the Tottenham, Barnet and Noel Park area, so as soon as you notice any problems with your central heating system, call us – we will be able to help.