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Power Flushing Covent Garden - LONDON

If you live in Covent Garden, Soho, Temple or Holborn and are experiencing problems with your central heating system, then you need the services of Power Flush London. We are a team of expert Power Flush engineers operating throughout the Witham area restoring efficiency to central heating systems and saving our customers hundreds of pounds on their fuel bills.


If your system is experiencing any of the following symptoms, or if you have had a new central heating system installed and want to protect it from corrosion, then you need to take action.


Problems such as

·          Black dirty water when you bleed the radiators

·          Strange noises from your boiler and unexplained cut outs

·          Radiators that are heating unevenly, hot on the top and cold on the bottom – or vice versa

·          Rising fuel bills caused by system inefficiency

·          Intermittent heat and hot water


are caused by a build up of a black iron oxide, formed when rust, debris and lime scale accumulates over the passing of time. The sludge coats the interior of radiators, pipes and boilers, and if left will form the blockages that often prove fatal for central heating systems. Total system installations are expensive and inconvenient, so the Power Flush treatment is a worthwhile investment in your property. So as soon as you notice problems, call Power Flush London to arrange a FREE site visit and written no obligation quote.


The treatment itself is a simple procedure that can be carried out in a single day in most cases. Cleansing chemicals and corrosion inhibitors are pumped though every part of the system by a machine that we attach to a single radiator. This, along with all the loosened debris and sludge is passed through top of the range MagnaClean magnet filters which safely and cleanly removes the unwanted deposits. Your system is left clean, unblocked and protected from future build ups.


Your system, once Power Flushed, will immediately begin to show improvements.


Less boiler noise and faster heat up times.

Extended life spans for boilers, pipes and radiators

Increased efficiency will have you see reductions of up to 25% on your fuel bills

Clean radiators and pipes that will allow free circulation of heat and hot water


If you chose to Power Flush your brand new central heating system, you will have ensured that rust and corrosion inhibitors will prevent the accumulation of sludge for many years. This will prevent expensive repair work and maintain efficiency which will keep your fuel bills steady.


Tel: 0800 849 1308 or 07726 279849

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Power Flush London engineers take pride in our work and work with the greatest of respect for your time and property. We are all fully qualified, insured and registered, and all our work is fully guaranteed for your peace of mind. We have restored efficiency to hundreds of homes in the Bloomsbury, Moorgate and Fenchurch Street areas.