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Power Flushing Bermonsley - LONDON

Power Flush London are a team of expert, highly qualified and friendly engineers working throughout the Bermondsley, Walsworth and South bank area servicing Central Heating systems. We specialise in Power Flushing, an essential part of looking after your central heating.


As a homeowner, you will notice that over time, your central heating system will begin to work less efficiently. You will notice that your fuel bills will be increasing, and small problems will begin to occur. Problems such as


· Black dirty water when you bleed the radiators

· Radiators that are heating unevenly, hot on the top and cold on the bottom – or vice versa

· Rising fuel bills caused by system inefficiency

· Intermittent heat and hot water

· Strange noises from your boiler and unexplained cut outs


These problems are caused by an accumulation of a thick, black iron oxide sludge formed from the rust, corrosion and lime scale that occurs from every day usage. The only guaranteed method of removing the sludge and clearing the blockages is to power flush the system. If the sludge is left to accumulate, it will cause irreparable damage, which may call for a whole new system installation.


Power Flushing your central heating system can usually be done in a day. Our machine is attached to a single point, usually a radiator. Clean water containing cleansing chemicals and corrosion inhibitors is pumped through every part of your system. This loosens and clears the sludge, and then this is then passed through top of the range MagnaClean filters which cleanly and safely removes all the unwanted deposits. The benefits of Power Flushing can be seen straight away. The benefits include


Savings of up to 25% on your fuel bills

Fast heat up times, and a quiet system

Longer between breakdowns, and extended life spans for your boiler, pipes and radiators

Clean radiators with anti-corrosion protection


Tel: 0800 849 1308 or 07726 279849

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If you live in the Newington, Lamberth, Kennington and Southwark area and need any advice or assistance  with your central heating system, we have a team nearby ready to help you!